Best Work Clothes for Women: Essential Staples

Best Work Clothes for Women: Essential Staples

    Do you feel like you have worn the same outfit your entire working life? Perhaps you think your office wardrobe is lacking and needs a freshen-up? If so, I take a look at the best work clothes for women below and give you some ideas of how you can brighten your wardrobe while still looking stylish and professional.

    Key Pieces for Professional Attire

    Certain clothing items are timeless and should be considered staples for your workwear for a traditional office role or professional setting. They can work together and be combined in different ways to create a range of outfits and are fantastic in any season.

    Button Up Shirt

    Womens button ups are especially versatile and they ooze both style and professionalism. The great thing about shirts is that they work in a range of outfit combs including with trousers or a skirt, and you can also layer items over them in the colder months such as a jacket or blazer.

    When looking at button up shirts for the workplace, I like to have some neutral colors for versatility, but also a few more vibrant options if I’m feeling like making a statement.

    Also consider things like the sleeve length, overall length, and collar type so you get a shirt that is comfortable as well as looking incredible. Building a shirt collection is the perfect starting point for your workwear.


    Next to the button up shirt, the faithful blouse is the other must-have top for your professional wardrobe. The amazing thing about blouses is the sheer variety in terms of shape, design, color, and pattern.

    If you invest in a few quality blouses in different styles you can stop your work wardrobe from getting stale and boring. Remember to consider your body shape when choosing blouses and get one that complements your figure.

    As with shirts, a blouse can be combined with a range of garments including skirts or trousers. They can also be adapted for the different seasons with layering and accessories.


    If you want to go all-out professionalism, layering your outfit with a blazer makes a statement. Blazers typically work better with trousers, but shorter blazers also look superb with a skirt.

    There is a fantastic range of blazers available and you can tailor your choice depending on your office setting. For example, you could wear something more casual for day-to-day office work, but opt for a fitted, tailored blazer for meetings and business trips.

    Midi Skirt

    woman standing in front of her closet choosing something to wear

    If you are tired of wearing the same black trousers every day, why not shake things up and get a few midi skirts? These skirts are the jack-of-all-trades garment for your legs and look great with blouses and shirts.

    For greater coordination, you could opt for a matching skirt/blazer combo that contrasts nicely with your shirt or blouse.

    Shirt Dress

    For the warmer seasons, you can really shake up your wardrobe with a few shirt dresses. These are essentially single garments that have a button-up front and end with a midi-skirt style bottom half.

    The range of designs, fabrics, and patterns is never-ending for shirt dresses and this is one area of your professional wardrobe you can have fun with. Make sure you consider accessories such as belts to define your waist but remember that some shirt dresses include attached fabric belts.

    Fitted Trousers

    If you don’t feel like wearing a skirt or want to keep away the cold, fitted trousers are some of the best work clothes for women. These are typically what people think of when considering a work outfit - the traditional trouser and shirt or trouser and blouse combo.

    Trousers don’t have to be boring either and you can look at different fits and the color doesn’t have to be black (although having a couple of pairs of black fitted trousers is a great office staple!).

    Practical Tips and Styling Suggestions

    • Office dress code: Sometimes workplaces do have a dress code so it’s always important to consider this and make sure your office wardrobe complies (there’s no harm in pushing the boundaries a little though!).
    • Accessorize: Add detail and intrigue to your outfits with accessories such as jewelry, belts, and bags.
    • Use color: Office workwear doesn’t have to be bland! Don’t be afraid to stand out and wear outfits that are bursting with color. Sure, office life can be dull, but your wardrobe doesn’t have to be!

    Elevate Your Professional Style at Work

    Let’s face it - we spend a long time at work throughout our lives so it’s important to consider your professional wardrobe and make sure you feel and look good when you walk into the office. The best work clothes for women is a personal thing and every workplace has a different vibe, but I hope these tips and ideas help! 

    Article by:

    Gina Kuyers

    Gina Kuyers is the founder of Luxeire. The idea for Luxeire came out of founder Gina’s frustration with the discomfort and high maintenance of beautiful clothing. With a 20-year career and PhD in school psychology, Gina spent decades applying research to real-world problem solving. She brought these well-honed skills to designing and producing a line of elevated wardrobe staples.

    Gina grew up in West Michigan where she attended Calvin College graduating with a degree in education. She continued her education at Fordham where she received her PHD in school psychology. Gina and her husband, David, have four adult children and live in New Jersey—just a short ferry ride from the Luxeire studio in New York City.