12 Types of Women’s Shirts You Should Know

12 Types of Women’s Shirts You Should Know

    It’s a great idea to have a collection of shirts in your wardrobe as they are versatile and can be used for numerous occasions including office wear, events, day trips, nights out, and occasions like weddings.

    But which shirts should you own? You may not realize, but there is a huge range of shirt types, each with its subtle differences, and in the below guide I take a look at 12 types of shirts women wear and why they are beneficial.

    Button-Down Shirts

    Ladies' button down shirts look fantastic and are great for either formal or casual occasions. They are a type of button up shirt that has buttons on the collar so you can fasten the collar to the shirt underneath. They can look superb as a standalone garment but also work great with just the collar poking through under something like a jumper.


    The blouse is an essential item for a woman’s wardrobe and they are available in both formal and casual styles. You can get summery blouses that are more puffy and made from light fabrics, or more professional, fitted blouses that will make you stand out in the workplace.


    Everyone should own at least one T-shirt! You know exactly what you are getting with a t-shirt and they can be used in so many different situations. T-shirts are possibly the best choice for leisure wear too if you just want a simple, comfortable top to wear around the house.

    Polo Shirts

    Polo shirts are essentially t-shirts with a collar but this small difference can alter their usage and style greatly. Polo shirts are also great as leisurewear, but they offer more versatility for outfit combos and use in the workplace because the collar makes them slightly more formal.


    Tunics are not what you imagine and not something from the Middle Ages. While that is what they are based on, the modern woman’s tunic is essentially a long shirt that hands below the waist and usually has a higher neckline.

    Peasant Tops

    Peasant tops are especially stylish and fantastic for the warmer months when you want to wear something light and billowy. They are usually made from frilly fabric, have long, billow sleeves, and look brilliant in lighter colors or with things like paisley patterns. If you want to go for that summer festival vibe, peasant tops are an excellent option.

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    Flannel Shirts

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    The classic lumberjack shirt or flannel shirt will always remain an excellent shirt type. These are a type of button up shirt usually with long sleeves that can easily be rolled up to the elbows. The fabric might be a little thicker, and the main characteristic is the tartan-style pattern and color of the material.

    Dress Shirts

    Dress shirts are an essential workplace item and are easily the smartest type of women’s shirt available. The classic dress shirt and skirt look will always make you look professional but stylish in the workplace but they can also work for things like corporate events and other formal occasions.

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    Hawaiian Shirts

    There’s a misconception that Hawaiin shirts are for men only but plenty of women rock these bright and vibrant shirts too! If you want to make a bold statement and wear a shirt that is loud and proud, look no further than the Hawaiian. They feature over-the-top patterns and designs and usually contain an array of bright colors.

    Denim Shirts

    Will denim ever go out of fashion? We don’t think so! It has had numerous resurgence over the years and today it remains a popular choice. Denim shirts are timeless and look amazing with their characteristic blue color. They usually feature a button-up design with long sleeves and are perfect for any weather either as a solo item or as part of a layered outfit.

    Sheer Shirts

    Sheer shirts are currently trending and these are for those who like to dress provocatively. The underlying premise of sheer shirts is that the fabric has a level of transparency. This can be barely noticeable, or it can be enhanced so you can see your skin underneath. These tops can be risque and are usually worn with a darker bra or undershirt to protect some of your modesty!


    The camisole is a brilliant option that can form the foundation of an outfit. This shirt typically has thin spaghetti straps and a lower cleavage line. They are often made from lighter materials like silk or satin and are both functional and stylish.

    Choose The Shirt That Fits Your Style

    I hope your head is now packed full of different types of shirts women wear, but which one is the right type for you? There is no single answer. Instead, you must consider your personal preference, the occasion, and the climate and this should help you pick out a few suitable shirts.

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