How to Wear a Womens Button Up Shirt

How to Wear a Womens Button Up Shirt

    The classic button up shirt is an essential item for any women’s wardrobe due to its simplicity, and the versatility it offers. It works fantastically in a range of outfits and is always a great option if you need a quick change or to throw on an ensemble before an unexpected outing.

    You may not be familiar with the flexibility this type of shirt offers though, and I want to change that. Therefore, below, I take a look at how to wear a button up shirt including styling tips and how to choose the right shirt initially.

    Choosing the Right Shirt

    With the right approach you can make any shirt work for any occasion, but having the right shirt in the first place always helps! Below, I explain the common considerations to make when choosing a button down shirt.

    Fabric and Material

    Button up shirts are available in multiple fabrics such as silk, linen, and polyester and you have to consider how thick you like your material and how you want it to feel. Lighter materials are great for warmer months when you want to regulate your temperature.

    Fit and Size

    Some button up shirts are meant to hang loose and are billowy and can reach below your waist to your thighs. Alternatively, there are also button up shirts that are more fitted and streamlined and fit closely to the contours of your body.

    Color and Pattern Selection

    A plain single-color button up shirt is the easiest to create outfits with but there are plenty of stylish patterned shirts that can work in different situations too.

    Styling Tips

    With your garment chosen, we can now look at how to wear a button up shirt and there are several important aspects to consider including what it pairs well with, how to wear it, and layering.

    Paring with Denim

    When looking at how to wear a button up shirt, a natural pairing is with denim. A lighter-colored button up shirt works superbly with jeans or a denim skirt to create a classic look. The great thing is, is that it works with either a plain or patterned button up shirt too.

    Alternatively, you could layer your button up shirt and wear a denim jacket over the top - this usually works better with a light-colored, plain button up shirt whereas a patterned shirt combined with a denim jacket could be too much.

    Tying at the Waist

    Oftentimes button up shirts hang loose and have excess material around your waist which means they are perfect for tying. All you have to do is hold the two ends of the shirt and tie them together in a knot. This looks amazing with a high-waisted skirt or trousers or you can simply show off your midriff with confidence!

    Tucked into Trousers or Skirt

    woman wearing a button down shirt

    If you don’t feel like you can pull off the tied knot look (you can, anyone can!), button up shirts are perfect for tucking into your trousers, jeans, or skirt.

    You can either tuck the shirt tightly into your pants so that the fabric is taught or tuck it loosely so that the material is bunched around your waist - both look great.

    Layering with Blazers

    The button up shirt and blazer combo always work and are great if you want a more elegant and professional look. You can wear the blazer fastened and just show a little of the collar of your shirt, or wear the blazer open to give more contrast with the shirt underneath.


    Depending on how you wear your button up shirt and what you combine it with dictates the potential accessories. The most popular choice is a necklace if you have the buttons open and your neckline revealed - I find that an understated or simple pendant necklace works fantastic.

    Sunglasses and a shoulder bag also look superb with a plain button up shirt as they add a little extra contrast and color.

    Seasonal Considerations

    While style is essential, you should always try and dress for the season too, and make sure you are comfortable for the weather!

    In the colder months, a button up shirt works fantastically as part of a layered ensemble and if you want to look stylish but stay warm, wearing one underneath a jumper with the collar exposed is a timeless outfit when combined with jeans.

    Alternatively, during the warmer months, you may want to choose a lighter material button up shirt and wear it open. This can be combined with a top underneath or you could just wear the shirt buttoned-up with a skirt and keep it simple.

    Wear Your Button Up Shirt With Confidence

    I hope you have some ideas on how to wear a button up shirt and are already thinking of potential combos in your wardrobe! These are my go-to shirts if I am stuck for idea and their versatility to work in any season and with multiple outfit combos make them a core garment for every woman.

    Article by:

    Gina Kuyers

    Gina Kuyers is the founder of Luxeire. The idea for Luxeire came out of founder Gina’s frustration with the discomfort and high maintenance of beautiful clothing. With a 20-year career and PhD in school psychology, Gina spent decades applying research to real-world problem solving. She brought these well-honed skills to designing and producing a line of elevated wardrobe staples.

    Gina grew up in West Michigan where she attended Calvin College graduating with a degree in education. She continued her education at Fordham where she received her PHD in school psychology. Gina and her husband, David, have four adult children and live in New Jersey‚ÄĒjust a short ferry ride from the Luxeire studio in New York City.