How Long Should Women's Shirts Be?

How Long Should Women's Shirts Be?

    I find that most women have an idea of how shirts fit in terms of factors like neckline, sleeves, and colors, but what about the length? Women's designer shirts come in a range of lengths and it’s crucial to understand the differences and how the length affects your overall outfit. Below, I look at how long should womens shirts be including pairing with different bottoms, and the effect length has for different body types.

    Shirt Lengths With Different Bottoms

    The easiest way to find the right length of shirt is to look at the complete outfit and the bottoms you intend to wear it with whether this is a pair of high-waisted pants, leggings, or a skirt, for example.

    With high-waisted pants

    The point of wearing high-waisted pants whether this is jeans or trousers is to create a nice waistline. Therefore, shorter shirts tucked into the pants are ideal. You can either go for a fitted look where the shirt is tucked tightly into your pants or a looser tuck that lets the shirt material billow a little around your waist.

    With leggings

    Unless you want to show off your booty, a longer, un-tucked shirt looks superb with leggings as it hides your bottom and puts the emphasis on your top half. A longer shirt with a slit or a curved hem works great too as this allows the fabric to flow around your waist and thighs and not cling too closely.

    With a skirt

    Generally, longer, un-tucked shirts don’t work well with skirts and this applies for both long and short skirts. The look can be messy and you lose all shape and structure to your body. The natural shape of your body can be completely lost.

    Instead, shorter shirts either fitted and un-tucked, or tucked look fantastic with skirts. This helps show off your waistline and gives more definition to your body.

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    Shirt Lengths For Different Body Types

    woman wearing a hanging shirt

    When considering how long should women's dress shirts be, we can’t just look at what we are pairing them with. Some thought must be given to our body type too including our weight and height as this can affect how different lengths of shirts look.

    For those with a larger waistline

    The shape of the shirt and the fabric are more important compared to the length if you carry a little more weight in your middle. Ideally, you want non-clingy fabric shirts like cotton and linen - they hold their shape, but won’t cling and emphasize your waistline if you are conscious of it. Shorter shirts that are more fitted around your bust and flow out around and below your waist can look fantastic,

    For the pear shape

    If you have an awesome bottom and hips the length of your dress shirt should ideally be either shorter than or longer than your widest part. If you choose a shirt that simply cuts off at the widest part of your hips or bottom, this only accentuates your shape and can the illusion of unnecessary width. A shorter shirt that sits above your widest part, or that hangs below is perfect.

    For the big cleavage

    If you are blessed with a big bust the length of your shirt isn’t as important. Generally, both short and long shirts will work fantastically. The key areas you want to concentrate on are your neckline and your waist. You can wear your shirt open at the neckline to emphasize your bust and fitted shirts work better to define your waistline and bust as opposed to billowy fits that can add unnecessary width.

    For the petite woman

    If you are shorter than average, a longer shirt might not work as well untucked as it could create the illusion of disproportion between your upper and lower body. Instead, high-waisted jeans or skirts will look amazing with a shorter, fitted, or tucked shirt so that you can enhance the appearance and length of your legs.

    For the tall woman

    If you have been blessed with height you have relative freedom with the length of your shirts! It depends on what you want to accentuate and whether you want to show off your amazing legs or not.

    If you want to show off your stunning long legs, go for short shirts and wear them fitted or tucked in! Alternatively, if you prefer a more balanced approach between your upper and lower body, go for the untucked style and length in your shirts.

    Get the Right Shirt Length to Make Your Outfits Shine

    So, how long should womens shirts be? This depends! Long, un-tucked shirts work great with leggings or jeans but you wouldn’t want to wear one with a skirt. In contrast, a shorter, tucked shirt looks fantastic with a skirt or high-waisted pants.

    Don’t forget to consider your body type too and choose a shirt length and fabric that compliments your weight and height.

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