Our Story

The quest for the perfect, daily innerwear began well over a decade ago. My lifelong passion for design and one-of-a-kind apparel created a need for a flattering, soft, and lightweight base-layer garment---both a need for comfort to wear beneath beautiful fabrics that looked better than they felt and a need to protect the vintage and designer apparel that colored my wardrobe.

I spent many years and a lot of money buying less-than-ideal products only to destroy them with scissors, attempting to tweak the styles and shapes to match my personal needs. They were never the right fabric, weight or fit and made me feel less than fabulous.

Enter Luxeire (lux-air’: luxurious, light-as-air):

Quick-dry fabric is effortlessly beautiful on its own or ready to be dressed up with the help of your existing wardrobe.

Smooth and soft, the perfect fit follows your curves while letting you (and your layers) breathe.

Sophisticated and functional, our luxurious Italian material unites with New York craftsmanship for a one-of-a-kind fit and feel.

This versatile solution to my (and now, your) innerwear woes, makes you and your clothes look and feel fabulous. Please join me in experiencing this amazing product—I know you will love it!

Gina Kuyers, creator and owner of Luxeire LLC

Our Craftsmanship


The key to luxury lies in the details. Our core collection is tailored from the finest Italian fabric, a unique blend of polyamide and elastane. Feminine and functional, our signature material embraces the body’s silhouette with a softness and elegance unparalleled.
• feather weight
• soft touch
• breathable
• perfect fit
• two-way stretch
• UV protective
• moisture wicking


At Luxeire, our commitment to quality, innovation and attention to detail defines both our process and product. Each Luxeire design is brought to life in the heart of NYC’s garment district. Using the finest Italian material, we incorporate purl merrow stitching to create our unique LuxeSeams. Our meticulous approach results in a refined yet durable collection of elevated everyday essentials.

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